Billbug Grubs

Popular nationwide licensed contractors - Service Call Blogs - A  Unfortunately, by the time the damage is seen, it is too late to apply an insect control as they have finished feeding. Damaged turfgrass will look dried out and have small dead patches of grass. A  Watering and aA fertilizer applicationA will help the lawn recover, but serious infestations may require reseeding. Individual dead grass plants can be easily pulled up and deposits of frass, or insect excrement, which resemble sawdust, will be seen at the base of the plant. ..More

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How Do I Control Virginia Buttonweed In My Lawn?

Top 10 Best emergency contractors - Ask And Expert - Forums On Repair Issues - Virginia Buttonweed will sometimes turn chlorotic, or yellow, due to a common virus, which make it an even greater eye sore. Virginia Buttonweed is a tough to control perennial weed found most often in home lawns in the South and Southeast. It is difficult to control due to an extensive rhizome root system, its ability to produce seeds both above and below ground and it also has the ability to reproduce from the stems that may be left behind from mowing, which can result in the plant being spread over a large area of your lawn. ..More

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Fairy Rings

Best Local technicians - Repair DIY Wikipedia - A  Often times you may see a circle or arc of brighter green grass that range in diameter from 2 to 15 feet. If you notice mushrooms growing in your lawn is a circle or an arc, you may be seeing signs of a disease known as Fairy Ring. A  Sometimes the rings may result in grass that appears dead or dying. A  Mushrooms are not the only indicator of Fairy Ring activity. . A  There are about 60 different types of mushrooms that result in the development of Fairy Rings ..More

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Texas and Oklahoma Drought

Listings Of certified contractors - Repairman Blog Pages - A  Your lawn may not be the greenest on the block, but it will recover faster once regular rain fall returns. A  When soil dries out completely, it is better to water in short increments of 15 minutes, a couple of times in one day. Be conservative with watering. A  Very dry soil takes a while to re-wet, so successive watering to slowly moisten the soil is better than watering for a long time all at once. A  Your goal should be to keep the grass alive, but not necessarily green. . A  Water once every other week ..More

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Tree Burls Why Are There Heads Growing Out Of My Tree?

Listings Of master contractors - Resources & Guides - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - It could be the tree's response to an insect or disease invasion, but no specific organism has been identified as the culprit. Other burls develop without any specific reason. Some burls develop from an overgrowth of bud tissue that keeps multiplying without developing shoots. There hasn't been a lot of research on what causes burls to develop. ..More

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