Spring is Still Six Weeks Away

Service Expert commercial contractors - Forum Topics - For those who may not be familiar with the term Transition Zone, it is the dividing line between the warmer south and the cooler north. Those Franchisees that are in the Transition Zone are chomping at the bit to get started with the mild weather that they have been experiencing so far this year. A  It is the predominate grass grown in the Transition Zone. . There is one grass, Turf-Type Tall Fescue , which can handle both extremes better than any other type of grass. In regards to lawn care , it is the area where it is too cold for most warm season grasses to survive during the winter and where it is too hot for cool season grasses to survive during the summer ..More

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Mushrooms Growing On Trees

Directory listing of certified contractors - Talk To An Expert - Support Services & Forum Pages - A  Many of these mushrooms, which are actually fungi, can cause the wood in the center of the tree to rot and decay. Mushrooms growing from the base of a tree or the main trunk or branches are usually cause for concern. . A  This reduces the overall strength of the tree and it can lead to limbs breaking off during windy periods or entire trees to fall during storms. A  This decay process can occur in a few months or in some cases, several years ..More

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Making a Landscape Plan You Gotta Have a Map

21 Best industrial contractors - Service Company Blogs - For example, most tomatoes need three feet of space between plants and rows. At least the size will be included in the description, so use that as a gauge for spacing as well as placement. The same holds true for perennials. You will find a wealth of information. . Usually spacing requirements are included with the plant description. Crowding too many plants into too small of an area will result in fewer tomatoes per plant. If you are not sure, do a search on the Internet. With vegetables, I look to see how much room each plant needs. Once I have laid out the boundaries, I start figuring out where to put everything ..More

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European Crane Fly

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - A  It is the larval stage that damage lawns from the late fall all the way into spring of the following year. A  Many consider them to be the grub of the Pacific Northwest, although they have been found causing damage throughout New York and other parts of the Northeast. . A  Their activity is influenced by the weather. A  Generally, they remain underground during the day, but will surface to feed on grass plants on warm, moist nights. A A The eggs hatch into a worm-like larva often referred to as leatherjackets. European Crane FlyA adult females mate and lay eggs in lawns within 24 hours after hatching and then die ..More

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Billbug Grubs

Best Local residential contractors - FAQs - Message Board - A  Unfortunately, by the time the damage is seen, it is too late to apply an insect control as they have finished feeding. . A  Watering and aA fertilizer applicationA will help the lawn recover, but serious infestations may require reseeding. Individual dead grass plants can be easily pulled up and deposits of frass, or insect excrement, which resemble sawdust, will be seen at the base of the plant. Damaged turfgrass will look dried out and have small dead patches of grass ..More

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