Red Thread Lawn Disease

21 Best commercial contractors - Service Tech Forum Pages - A  Many times, a supplementalA lawn fertilizationA will help the turf grow out of the disease and it will return to normal in a short period of time. The damage that Red Thread causes can be unsightly, but the symptoms are temporary as the disease does not affect the crown or roots. A  Disease control treatments are usually not necessary as once the disease activity is seen, it is basically run its course and the turf will recover on its own. . A  If it is a re-occurring problem, a spring application of a disease control material may be recommended ..More

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Mow High For A Good Looking Lawn

Local contractors - Helpful Resources - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . A  How high a lawn is mowed is dependent on the grass type. A  Here is a quick reference guide:. Too many homeowners don't understand the need to mow their lawn at the proper height ..More

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Tree Burls Why Are There Heads Growing Out Of My Tree?

Find best 10 commercial contractors - Tips - Service Advice - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . They don't directly affect the tree, but they do seem to reduce the tree's vigor. Unfortunately, this can make the tree more susceptible to insect and disease infestation and, in turn, reduce the tree's life span. Burls will grow in size as they age ..More

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Why are Mushrooms Growing in my Lawn?

Directory Listing Of emergency contractors - Home Contractor Blogs - . A  If you are going to pick them, be sure to dispose of them in your compost pile or garden waste bags. A  Often times, mushrooms are more plentiful during warm, wet weather, but can develop in other weather conditions as well. A  Normal mowing will control most of the mushrooms or you can kick them to break off the tops or pick them by hand. In most cases, the mushrooms only live for a day or so and then die after they have released thousands of spores ..More

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It's Grub Time!

Best Local master contractors - Repair Service blogspot - installation & repair - A  In some southern areas, the adults may already be active. A  The Japanese beetle adults will start hatching soon and begin feeding. A  The female adult lays her eggs in turf areas, which hatch into lawn damaging grubs. . A  They seem to be out a little earlier than normal this year. A  The beetle that seems to cause the most damage is the Japanese beetle as the adults feed on many trees and flowering plants. A  There are at least ten different species of beetles that produce grubs that damage lawns to varying degrees. A  About a week ago, I saw the adults of the Masked Chafer, a common beetle in cool season turfgrass areas in theA MidwestA andA Lower MidwestA including theA Chicago area. Grubs are the larval stage of a scarab beetle ..More

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