How Do I Control Virginia Buttonweed In My Lawn?

Locate Nearby master contractors - Blog Topics - Virginia Buttonweed is a tough to control perennial weed found most often in home lawns in the South and Southeast. It is difficult to control due to an extensive rhizome root system, its ability to produce seeds both above and below ground and it also has the ability to reproduce from the stems that may be left behind from mowing, which can result in the plant being spread over a large area of your lawn. Virginia Buttonweed will sometimes turn chlorotic, or yellow, due to a common virus, which make it an even greater eye sore. ..More

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The Dangers Of Fire Ants

Search and locate commercial contractors - Blogs & Forums - If you live in theA southA orA southeastA of the United States, you have probably read about or seen Red ImportedA Fire Ants. A  Since first being brought to the US as a freeloader on shipping containers arriving from South America in the early 20th century, this aggressive and highly adaptable pest has terrorized homeowners, hikers, picnickers and just about anyone else that unsuspectingly disturbs one of their nests. ..More

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Texas and Oklahoma Drought

Locate Nearby emergency contractors - Repair DIY Help Center - Augustine and Centipede can survive for 3 to 4 months without water. . A  Bermuda and Zoysia can go an entire summer without water. A  St. A  When I say survive, that does not mean there won't be some damage to the plants when rain returns to the area. A  Turf is a remarkable plant and can recover after much adversity, but there are limits when the environment is just too extreme. What about theA care of lawnsA in these areas?A A Fortunately, most warm season grasses are adapted to low moisture levels and excessive heat ..More

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Tree Burls Why Are There Heads Growing Out Of My Tree?

Listings Of certified contractors - Maintenance Forum Pages - It is best to leave them alone and monitor the tree for any possible signs of fatigue. . That does not mean that burls should be cut off the tree. That will just open it up for attacks by diseases and insects and could cause more tree damage . In the case of my tree, that burl will have to grow really large to cause me any concern. I just hope no more faces start to show through. The wood found within a burl can form into interesting swirl patterns and are highly prized by wood workers ..More

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Billbug Grubs

21 Best licensed contractors - Talk To An Expert - Blog - A  Watering and aA fertilizer applicationA will help the lawn recover, but serious infestations may require reseeding. . Individual dead grass plants can be easily pulled up and deposits of frass, or insect excrement, which resemble sawdust, will be seen at the base of the plant. A  Unfortunately, by the time the damage is seen, it is too late to apply an insect control as they have finished feeding. Damaged turfgrass will look dried out and have small dead patches of grass ..More

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