European Crane Fly

Locate licensed contractors - Forums For Dummies - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - A  If you have had a problem with them in the past, it may be a good idea to take corrective measures to prevent lawn damage next year. . Having a large population of adults on your property does not necessarily mean that your lawn will be infested with leatherjackets as they do have many natural predators ..More

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Watering Trees and Shrubs

Locate emergency contractors - DIY Guide Blog Pages - A  Most sprinklers are designed to water large areas, so they usually don't work well to water established trees or shrubs. A A The best way to water a larger tree or shrub is a slow, steady trickle from a garden hose directed at the base of the plants. . A  Leave it at the base of the plant for 15 to 20 minutes and check the soil to see if it is getting wet more than an inch or so. If the leaves on your plants are drooping, it usually means that they are in need of water. A  Move the hose and water different areas under the tree to get the entire area watered. A  The goal is to keep the soil wet down to 8 to 12 inches ..More

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How Do All These Weeds Get Into My Lawn?

Top 10 technicians - Service Repairman Blogs - You may have experienced this if you have ever weeded your garden or flower bed. . You pull all the weeds, turned over the soil and everything looks neat and clean. Many seeds can remain viable for years and years, germinating once they receive enough sun and water. Two days later, new weeds are beginning to germinate because the seeds have been brought to the surface and now have a chance to germinate ..More

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Mushrooms Growing On Trees

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blogs - Decay is often not visible from the outside of the tree, except where the bark has been damaged or cut. . A  Some decaying fruiting bodies may produce mushroom-shaped fruiting bodies at the base of the tree. A  Sometimes fruiting bodies, called conks or brackets, will develop where the tree has been damaged or at pruning scars. A  This can be an indicator of a disease called Armillaria ..More

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Red Thread Lawn Disease

Find master contractors - Forum With Contractors - The damage that Red Thread causes can be unsightly, but the symptoms are temporary as the disease does not affect the crown or roots. . A  Disease control treatments are usually not necessary as once the disease activity is seen, it is basically run its course and the turf will recover on its own. A  Many times, a supplementalA lawn fertilizationA will help the turf grow out of the disease and it will return to normal in a short period of time. A  If it is a re-occurring problem, a spring application of a disease control material may be recommended ..More

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